1 Million New Wi-Fi Hotspots Added!

The network expansion is continuing strong for the iPass Global Wi-Fi service. Now adding another million hotspots to the 60+ million hotspot coverage.

The worlds largest Wi-Fi network have had some extra focus on South East Asia the last couple of months enabling new hotspots in important hubs like Singapore, Hong Kong and several cities in China. In Singapore alone we see more than one hundred new hotspots and about 1.000 more are being planned to be rolled out.

In India the cooperation with the the largest network operators Tata and BSNL has resulted in more than 5.000 new hotspots.

The Inflight connectivity coverage is also expanding. Not only on the long haul flights but also on the short haul flights in the European market.

Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa is currently rolling out the service, with British Airways and EuroWings coming this fall.

The US domestic Inflight market already covers more than 6.000 daily flights.

For more information on coverage please visit the Management Portal.

Flexinets is the leading iPass Global WiFi supplier in the Nordic region, with over 100 corporate customers. This covers major global industrial corporations, financial institutions, governmental bodies and trading companies, ranging in size from 50 000 users down to a few, located all over the world. The common denominator is international travel, and a requirement for productivity on the road and structured control of mobility cost.