iPass Global Wi-Fi Coverage Extended With 10K Commercial Venues Across U.K

iPass today announced a partnership with XLN, a leading provider of broadband connectivity for small businesses in the UK. The agreement will provide iPass Global Wi-Fi customers with Wi-Fi access at an additional 10,000 commercial venues across the UK, including cafés, pubs and restaurants.

Furthermore, this additional footprint is using the latest Wi-Fi technology (802.1x), which provides users with added security and improved performance.

Ipass Global Wi-Fi, the leading global mobile connectivity service is a simple, secure, always-on Wi-Fi access on any mobile device.

Built on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, the iPass cloud-based service keeps its customers connected by providing unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity on unlimited devices.

iPass Global Wi-Fi is the worlds largest WI-Fi network, with more than 64 million hotspots around the globe, at airports, hotels, train stations, convention centers, outdoor venues, inflight, and more.

Using patented technology, the iPass SmartConnect platform takes the guesswork out of Wi-Fi, automatically connecting customers to the best hotspot for their needs. Customers simply download the iPass SmartConnect app to experience unlimited, everywhere, and invisible Wi-Fi.