Machine learning protects against unknown security vulnerabilities

Wandera appThe explosion of billions of mobile devices has created the largest technology footprint for hackers to steal corporate and personal information. Yet todays mobile landscape is typically undefended. Hackers attack with impunity. Until now.

The mobile security service Wandera is harnessing the power of automated machine learning to ensure customers are protected against as many security vulnerabilities as possible, even those that were previously unknown.

SmartWire, operates as part of Wandera’s Secure Mobile Gateway platform, which won the mobile security category at Computings Vendor Excellence Awards 2015. Customers of the platform include EY, NATO and KPMG.

Enterprises benefit from the network effect of security knowledge gained from billions of daily data inputs analyzed by the SmartWire Cloud Intelligence Engine using sophisticated machine learning. This analysis augmented by heartbeats from the on-device app and external reputation engines, malware scanners and databases creates a unique understanding of security threats. When you analyze more data, you intelligently prevent more threats.

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