Trending Applications That Drives Mobile Data Growth

Mobile video is forecast to grow by 45 percent annually to 2020, when it will account for around 55 percent of all mobile data traffic*.

The growth in popularity of streaming video has been caused by many factors. One of these is that video content within online applications such as social media, news, and advertising is increasing rapidly.

The global trend in frequent travel and the users preference in app-based mobile use over regular web browsing are increasing mobility costs for global enterprises. (Top single data roaming bill in 2014 was $150K**).

Optimize your usage

Now there is a way of taking back the control of the rising mobility costs through compression and policy controls using a Mobile Gateway.

The Secure Mobile Gateway uses a proprietary compression engine to optimize all content across video, images and text, significantly reducing data usage without impacting users. The engine is intelligent and flexible. You can configure preferences based on content types, destinations, specific groups and where in the world the user has travelled, to control roaming charges.

Learn more about how to control the rising mobility costs and receive a full ROI audit report based on your actual usage.



*Ericsson Mobility Report 2015

** Wandera